7 things Columbus should Never change

Yes, change is good, but I want to take a moment to embrace all the great things about Columbus that I hope never change.

  1. Traffic (lack of). Sure, there is traffic during rush hour, forever construction, and the ever changing weather can bring out the worst in us commuters, but overall you can travel across the 614 in the expected time. The time that Google Maps tells you the trip will take is normally correct. My friends who live in bigger cities like LA and DC have told me about the horrendous traffic that’s present all the time…a 5 mile distance takes 30 minutes? No thanks!
  2. Opportunity. In Columbus ideas can flourish and you can make a name for yourself. A concept can start off small and turn into a success! Just look at Hai Poke that started off as a pop up restaurant, to having a food truck, and now a brick and mortar! Our friend Dalay started her own company Dalay Ket Event Design as an event designer and has JUST opened up her own venue space called The Annex at 801! Can’t forget our amazing protographer friend Paul Woo who is making photography headlines all over the world!
  3. Suburban life. Columbus is great because there are so many pockets in the city, each with their own different vibe. Short North for art and a happening night scene, German Village for brick buildings and cozy cafes, and quaint areas like Uptown Westerville or Old Worthington.
  4. LUSH GREENERY. I have a great appreciation for how much green space, parks, and trails there are here in Columbus. It’s great to be able to step outside and take a walk on a path that takes you through neighborhoods and along the river. You can take a kayak and enjoy the scenery of the downtown skyline. My nature recommendations: Antrim Park, Olentangy Trail, or Scioto Mile. I’m looking forward to the change of leaves this upcoming fall!
  5. Home of medical innovation. It’s amazing that Columbus is home to The Ohio State University Medical Center and Nationwide Children’s Hospital who are leading the country in research and medical care.
  6. Local love. Cbus residents support local brands. Sure, we have popular chain restaurants and big name stores here, but we also love local farmers markets, breweries, and one of a kind eateries like Katalina’s (pancake balls, yummmmm). Also, we love to rep brands like Homage around town and beyond.
  7. Big city with a small town feel. Columbus is the 14th largest city in the US with about 860,000 people, yet, you can walk down High Street and still feel like you matter. There is a sense of community here. You can walk down the street and people will look at you in the eyes and say Hello. That may seem like a small matter, but it’s a comforting feeling.


My dearest Columbus, as you continue to grow and change, please never lose these wonderful characteristics.

Much love, Kasual Life.

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