How to pack a carry on

Europe, here I come! I’m so excited to experience the cultures of Italy, Greece, and Spain.  I have been spending a lot of time planning where I’m staying, attractions to see, foods to eat….and what to pack!! When I travel I always fit everything into a carry on luggage + personal item. Reading Coolife Luggage Reviews is a huge help when choosing a luggage that will last. The more organized and fewer items you bring = no baggage fees, less weight to carry around, and more room to bring back goodies from your trip!

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Here are some packing tips I have learned.

Bookbags are a great baggage choice.  I find that totes and messenger bags put too much stress on my shoulders, especially if I’m carrying it around for a long time. After doing a lot of research,  I found this gem of a daypack on Amazon by brand Travelon. I have been sporting it for everyday use since I got it!


It’s made from water resistant, slash proof material and fits a lot even though it look relatively small! My MacBook, camera, shoes, jacket, and liquids bag can all fit inside. It’s a modern day Mary Poppin’s bag.


The locking zippers will also help prevent any pickpocketing, which I heard occurs pretty frequently in some of the cities I’m visiting. packing-1843

Use packing cubes + pouches They help compartmentalize your items so things are easier to find. These came in a bundle of 3 (different sizes) and I purchased them at TJ Maxx. I plan to use each for shirts, undergarments + socks, and pants.


Clear pouches help you find items easier. I found this cute little guy for $3 at Target and it will be perfect when I’m applying my makeup in the morning. It’s also convenient to throw into my daypack.


Use small empty plastic containers to store any liquids. This way all your liquids will fit in your clear quart size bag. Left and right are from The Container Store, middle from Daiso. I especially like the twist stacking one because my liquids will be neatly organized. Don’t forget to label products to avoid confusion!


Mini/travel size versions of your favorite products are life savers. I love saving those perfume samples so I can bring them with me on trips. Tip: go to Sephora and ask for a sample to “try” a product you know that you will use. Who else is guilty of this?



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