Kasual Life 2 year anniversary!

Kasual Life turns 2 today! Happy Birthday to us!

This photo was taken the day we came up with the concept of Kasual Life. We tested the idea with our good friend, David Wai, and he was all for it! Our first year of KL started out as a YouTube channel and eventually turned into a blog!


It has been quite a year filled with joyful memories of exploring what Columbus has to offer- people, places & events.

We definitely ate well.

And drank well.

And networked/ collaborated with so many great people.

Can you believe we actually started out making Kasual Life YouTube videos? Such hard work! We have done so much since we started blogging. From giveaways to hosting our own event- Blogsgiving! We can’t forget about our blog trailer, which was so much fun to make with our friend, Ronnie Sang.

Thanks to everyone who supports us. We are excited for more Kasual Life adventures! ♥

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